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Empower parents, school staff, and community members to advocate for special education students within the framework of the law.  


Inspire parents to take control of their child’s special education journey through objective, collaborative, child-centered advocacy.

Build Confidence

Build confidence in parents, school staff, and community members to actively participate in both the development and the implementation of the IEP.  

provide a framework

Provide a framework for best practices in joining one, the legal principles of special education with two, the interests and values of everyone at the IEP table to effectively develop and implement an IEP.

who is this for?


school staff



Picture this: You’re at the IEP table. You’ve gotten a draft of the IEP from the school five days before the meeting, made notes on the draft, and communicate them and any additional thoughts to the team. You understand everything the team discusses, and you feel not only welcome but                         to participate in the meeting. Together with your child’s teachers, therapists, and administrators, you put together a comprehensive, thoughtful IEP for your child. This can happen. 


✓ How to be empowered to advocate for your special education student within the framework of the law. 

✓ Get inspired to take control of your child’s special education journey through objective, collaborative, child-centered advocacy.

✓ Build confidence to actively participate in both the development and the implementation of the IEP.  

school staff.

General education teachers, special education teachers, instructional assistants, teacher’s assistants, teacher’s aides, school nurses, school counselors, school social workers, school resource officers, administrators, special area teachers, related services professionals, coaches, after school care providers, imagine if your entire school community                        the basic concepts of special education and could collaborate on the best plan for each student.  

✓ Empower instructional assistants with basic knowledge of the school’s legal obligation and – just as importantly -the skills to modify work and make learning accessible for the child.  

✓ Build confidence in special area and general education teachers to work collaboratively with the special education and related services staff. 

✓ Encourage communication, collaboration, and thoughtful humility on all IEP teams in your building.  This can be a reality in your school!  


community member.

Staff at organizations that serve people with disabilities, coaches, tutors, extracurricular activity sponsors/ teachers, babysitters, church personnel, daycare workers, anyone that volunteers with children in IEPs, you work so hard to reach                      You build into them, forming their values. You set goals for them- and before you know it – with them. You stay up at night, dreaming up the drills, strategies, and programming that will engage and develop them. The one mystery that you can’t seem to access is special education. It’s like a foreign language. If you could crack the code, your impact would compound exponentially. In this training you’ll learn 

each child.

✓ How to unravel the profile of a child by reading evaluation reports and starting thoughtful conversations

✓ The basic principles of special education like how to get an IEP, what is in the IEP, how to work on the IEP skills outside of school, and how to use the IEP to develop activities for community growth.  

✓ Effective advocacy tips to help you empower the families you serve and to participate in conversations with school, therapists, and anyone else on the child’s team.  


what it's


 Rather, the training focuses on collaborative and effective conflict resolution.  

Another training leaves you with ??

Rather, the training is sequential and comprehensive. The first module covers Child Find and basic information about IEP meetings. Then, we’ll cover eligibility and evaluations, the IEP document itself, writing goals, implementation of the IEP, progress monitoring, record keeping, and the annual review. Along the way, I’ll provide lots of advocacy tips, but then we’ll wrap up with alternatives to dispute resolution like mediation and settlement discussions, as well as due process. Then, we’ll spend one entire module pulling the lessons together with hypotheticals and hands-on situational discussions that you can apply immediately.  

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This 10 week course begins January 31, 2021 with the first coaching session on Febraury 10, 2021. 
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BONUS!!!! If you purchase 2 or more licenses, you can donate the same package to an organization that serves primarily children of minority races and ethnicities or children living in poverty. Ashley Barlow Co.’s mission is empower, inspire, and build confidence in IEP team members by providing a framework that joins the legal principles of special education with the interests and values of everyone at the IEP table. In offering this BOGO offer, Ashley Barlow Co. actively combats the disparities of information and resources available for families and students of color and students living in poverty.

Basic Information About IEP Meetings

Eligibility, Evaluations, IEPs, Goals


Advocacy Strategies, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Due Process



What you'll learn...

Hands-on Hypothetical Situations



what people are

D.C. (former client of Ashley)

After doing my homework, we had a consultation appointment and I knew Ashley was the right person to help our family. Her passion for a child’s success shines in her integrity, work ethic, and ambitions to make things right

Chrissy B., PARENT

Even though I have two kids on IEPs, I still felt unsure and not very confident in my ability to advocate. Up until this point, I had just gone along with everything the school recommended, but we started experiencing some problems with the implementation of our IEP, and I was getting worried about placement.  I had no clue where to begin to figure out our next steps and I knew that this would not be our first bump in the road. When I learned about the course, I felt like it would empower me to become a better advocate by equipping me with the knowledge I needed about the IEP process. 

M + A., parent

I have two children on IEPs, and frankly, I felt overwhelmed and intimidated at their meetings. I used Ashley Barlow as a special education attorney, because I live in Ohio, and I was so impressed by her that I enrolled in the Special Education & Advocacy Lab. The info in her course is very down to earth, aasy to understand and follow, and includes personal experiences to which parents can relate. The trainings have already made the process so much easier to go into. At our last meeting, we felt like we had a stronger voice.


The Special Education & Advocacy Lab is creating a foundation for the years ahead of us. I will have the knowledge base already in place instead of learning as I go at the last possible moment.

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